The Ataris - End is Forever (Cover Artwork)

The Ataris

End is Forever (2001)

Kung Fu

Until I read on that one of their songs was going to be used for a commercial, I hadn't found a single thing I didn't like about the Ataris. Their old full lengths and EP's on Kung Fu and Fat all rocked, and they were awesome live on the Fat Tour. Their new album, which is on Kung Fu, is just as good as any Ataris release, if not better. It was recorded at the Blasting Room, home of some guys who claim to be in the Decendents and All, and was produced by Joey Cape(i'm starting to think there's more than one of these guys named Joey Cape, who has time to produce records, release an album with a new band called Bad Astronaught, and tour with Lagwagon.Must be stunt doubles somewhere.)Anyway, The new album pounds out 12 emotional punk rock tunes about life on tour, teenage agnst, and of course, the infamous broken-heart Ataris' anthems. There is also an acoustic song at the end. "Song 13" and "Song For A Mix Tape" were my immidiate favorites, but after the third or fourth listen, I decided that the entire album is rockin', from start to finished. "End Is Forever" is the tightest Ataris release yet, from the lyrics to the cymbols. I hope the majors don't hear this one, cause it could lead to bigger and (not so) better things for one of the best bands around.