Coalesce - Salt and Passage [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Salt and Passage [7 inch] (2007)

Second Nature / Crash and Bang

It's a good year for fans of the groundbreaking pioneers in modern metalcore. Hydra Head is parading out nearly every major Botch release in expanded, deluxe edition form, the Dillinger Escape Plan is putting the finishing touches on their third full-length, and now Coalesce has returned with a 7" colored to ensure vinyl nerd hard-ons and two signature, shapeshifting pieces of abrasive disorder and unrelenting rage contained within.

On the A Side is "Son of Son of Man," offering Sean Ingram's instantly recognizable, sludgy demeanor, rusty bass dirges and more stop-starts than the Lincoln Tunnel. It's a pounding, furious track that somehow contains its fury within a medium pace, and proves Coalesce hasn't lost their touch despite time in decidedly less heavy (but not necessarily less impressive) projects the last decade.

The B Side is no sloucher, though. "I Am This" picks things up a little bit, with Ingram barking over a funky, pulsating bass line and the occasional screech of distorted backup shouts. Then a sudden time change momentarily shakes the song, lets it get back into gear, and eventually a bridge of creepy-crawly, nearly squealed guitar chords.

There's nearly nothing questionable about Salt and Passage. Coalesce has delivered some fine material that promises quite the comeback full-length if it's in the works.

I Am This