Fugazi - In On The Kill Taker (Cover Artwork)


In On The Kill Taker (1993)


It's a common fact that Ian Mackaye is one of the most influential figures in the scene, always will be. The guy is a legend. From, Minor Threat, to Fugazi, Embrace too, always original, always exciting. Oh, did I mention that Mackaye runs Dischord, a brilliant label? That's just a small sample of Ian's contributions to the punk, hardcore, underground, you get the point, scene.

Each Fugazi album offers something different than the previous. Change was most evident on their 1993 release, In On The Kill Taker. This would have to be their most intense, and all around angry release. If you want hardcore Fugazi, this is the album for you. Many argue that it's their best.

This was the first Fugazi album I purchased, and it just...it blew me away. Ian's lyrics are captivating, his voice is stunning. Guy Picciotto's guitar work...it's incredible. The whole band is amazing. Joe Lally on bass. Brendan Canty on drums. It's like a dream team.

If you label Fugazi as just another political band, you are dead wrong. That may seem like what they are like to you on the inside, but if you take a look at the lyrics, give them a deep glance, you will realize that the band digs deeper. It's so complicated, I can't even begin to describe it. I could sit and discuss this band for hours.

I'm not going to describe every track. That would be quite boring. It's very assorted, the album even features an instrumental, #7, Sweet And Low. My favorite track would have to be Smallpox Champion. The chorus hooked me. The chorus did me in. This is arguably one of the greatest Fugazi tracks of all time.

You might think I'm going off on a limb here, but In On The Kill Taker is one of my favorite albums of all time. It's inspirational, thought prevoking, and miraculous. If you enjoy Fugazi's work, this needs to be in your collection. Pick it up.