Terror - Rhythm Amongst the Chaos (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Rhythm Amongst the Chaos (2007)


Rhythm Amongst the Chaos not only shows why Terror is on top of the pile in their own tough hardcore sub-subgenre, but that they have a decent amount of creativity continuing to run through their bones after several albums.

The title track and opener comes blasting out of the gates in their signature style -- fast and heavy, while proving the band have become considerably more articulate since the days of "fist to your fucking face." If anything, "Rhythm Amongst the Chaos" is actually lyrically reflective: "So many miles, / I've become part of the road. / Through every city, crossed every border, / [...] / I hear these streets; / they talk to me. / Through all their pain and broken dreams." It's not Plato, but there's a sense of deliberation and pensiveness here that's largely been void from much of Terror's catalog. However, the song retains their musically meaty, pounding and forward-moving charge well.

The rest of the EP can't quite match up to its powerful opener, but musicaly and lyrically they're definitely competent numbers that should ideally please their fans. Things shut down with a cover of Breakdown's "Kickback," with retro-sounding gang vocals and a guest appearance by Jedi Mind Tricks' Vinnie Paz, whose contribution actually helps cement a nice vocal dynamic to the song's conclusion.

If Terror can deliver on the promise of their holdover material here, recent criticisms regarding a possible musical deterioration on the band's part should be easily dismissed.