Millencolin - Life On A Plate (Cover Artwork)


Life On A Plate (1996)

Burning Heart

What is it with Sweden?? Beautiful country, great food, hot women and some fucking mind blowing bands. Adhesive, Satanic Surfers, ABBA, Intensity..I could go on.

Probably the first to break real ground on american soil was Millencolin. With their highly acclaimed first international album Life on A Plate. You have to give them credit..they did help in large part to get a lot of great Swedish punk bands noticed on our side of the world.

From what I've heard this seems to be the favorite among visitors. I may be wrong..I know it's my favorite, but how could you not like this record?? fast, intense melodic skate punk counterd by some poppy ska rhythms. A great mixture if you know how to work it right.

The guitars are what standout, a clean sonic sound, and the other a great mixture of riffs..metal at times, then riffs that are all their own. The drum skills should'nt go unnoticed either. Say it with me: Technical! double bass sound with great smooth tom rolls. And I can't forget about Nikolas' bass work and vocal duties.

I must say MC's best by far. Even though the band has pretty much lost me in the last 4 years..this record still holds a good place in my record collection..or anyones' for that matter.