The Suicide Machines - Battle Hymns (Cover Artwork)

The Suicide Machines

Battle Hymns (1998)


Is it punk? Is it ska? Is it hardcore? Hell, who knows. All I know is that it is an ideal record for fans of all three genres.

Over 20 songs, each one more abrassive and aggressive than the one before. 'Battle Hymns' leans heavy on the hardcore side of the Suicide Machines, and personally, I wish this Suicide Machines would hurry up and get back from their vacation. The follow ups to BH have been very dissappointing, for me anyway.

'Battle Hymns' is only really heard by sitting down and listening from begining to end. The mixing and production is outstanding, and the song structure is unpredictable, relentless, and full to say the least. Some are short, punk rock blasts, some are hardcore, head bashing rockers, while others have the catchy ska sound that the Suicide Machines established with their first record, 'Destruction by Definition'. However, all those styles are often found within a single song, making 'Battle Hymns' near epic.

As far as talent in the band goes, the main man is Derek Grant, the drummer. He really does pull out some rediculous fills and beats, and I hold him as high as any punk drummer out there. I believe punknews reported that he left the band! WHAT???WHY???

Anyway, after listening to 'Battle Hymns' in its entireity, one should go to the restroom and make sure his/her ears aren't bleeding. It's as intense as they come, unlike their other releases.