Far - Water & Solutions (Cover Artwork)


Water & Solutions (1998)


I first heard of "Far" from a friend who told me that I had to get my hands on thier album "Water&Solutions." Using the great source of the internet I decided to check out this Sacramento band. The first song I listened to was Mother Mary and after about thirty seconds of one song I was already in my car, and on my way to my nearest cd store.

Right now I'm lovin the whole emo thing and this band seems to pack as about as much emotion into this cd as great bands like "Jimmy Eat World," and "Thursday." I'm not going to give you the play by play, but this band has almost too much talent to pass by. My favorite thing about the band is the fact that the lead singer starts out quiet in his vocals, and then lets it all go as he yells the chorus. I wouldn't call it screaming like for instance a band like Thursday throws into the mix, but you can definetely feel the emotion that the singer packs into the meaningful lyrics. The lyrics are definetely refreshing as they not only relate, but they are so sincere. The lyrics stick with you such as in the song "Mother Mary," it kicks off with, "Like Elvis, like everyone we all die, we all live on in photos, and paperbacks, if we're lucky we're coming back." Its so damn catchy you will be singing it in your sleep. This cd would still be excellent if there were no vocals, thats how good these guys from Sac really are.

I definetely recommend this album to anyone. To be honest this is some of the best music I've heard in a long time and truly establishes a higher level than your average band. What the hell are you waiting for?

Check out the best songs on the album: "Mother Mary," "Bury White," and "Water&Solutions."