Osker - Treatment 5 (Cover Artwork)


Treatment 5 (2000)


Sure, albums with content filled with teenage suffering come and go, but every once in a while, an album is released that sums up the teen years so perfectly, with lyrics filled with angst, betrayal, and loss. Osker's first release, Treatment 5 is one of those special albums.

So the story begins. Devon Williams, the lead singer & lone guitarist of Osker is hanging out with a friend who has connections with Epitaph. Devon makes demo. Devon gives friend the demo. Friend tells Epitaph about Demo. Epitaph shits their pants. Osker is signed.

Devon collaborates with friend Dave Benitez (bass) and work on Treatment 5 begins. I can't recall who did the drumming on this album, due to the fact that Osker has had at least three different drummers during it's young existance. After a few runs on the Punk O Rama series, Treatment 5 is released in early 2000.

From the opening chords to I Cannot to the end of Radio, Treatment 5 flows so amazingly well. Don't be fooled by the foolish song titles, such as Shitface, Fuck Me, Asshole, etc. Each song has one moment that makes it worth listening to. The lyrics are so angry, yet so poiniant and right on at the same time.

Do not write off Osker as "just another skate punk band," because that is not the case. Devon's voice is unique and much different than anything out there today. It's unique, but it works so well with the music, and adds another element to the album itself. As for the instrumental work, it's pretty damn good. Good riffs, good lines, good drumming.

Some of the tracks that stand out are 13, Someday, Lucky, Radio, and a lot more. It's not really one song or two that makes the cd so great. Like I said, it's how the album flows, and comes together, greatly. Who do I recommend Treatment 5 to? Any young punk having a hard time getting through high school. Anyone who can be open to something different, and is just looking for a good listen. Treatment 5 is for you.

Aside from the music, Osker also likes to have their voice known through their website. Every few days, they post a new rant, may it be on music, or just random current events. They take this element into their live show too, and are often booed off the stage for, "Being too mean." Shit, Osker may just be one of the most openminded, but plain confusing bands there is today.

Osker will continue to grow and mature, as evident on their 2001 release, Idle Will Kill. I recommend Idle Will Kill for your collection too, as it is a completely different spin on things. If you want the roots, go for Treatment 5. It's a 10, and will be playing in my stereo for years to come. Epitaph has a winner on their hands again. Enjoy.