Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon (Cover Artwork)

Brand New

Your Favorite Weapon (2001)

Triple Crown

Words can't even describe how good this band is. These guys are from Long Island, NY and they are just the secret band that LI just released for the rest of the world to hear. Brand New have such a unique sound which makes them standout more than any other Pop-Punk/Rock bands out there today. The album opens up with "The Shower Scene" which sounds more like a pop-punk song and the same goes with "Jude Law and A Semester Abroad". Jesse's and Vin's guitar work on this album are just amazing, it's simple, but sounds so dynamic.

To call Brand New just another Pop-Punk band won't do them justice because they play some really catchy straight forward Rock songs such as "Mix Tape" which starts off sounding like a sweet ballad for girlfriend and then out of nowhere the guitars, bass, and drums just explodes into an awesome all out Hard Rock song. The guitar intro to "Failure By Design" is the best guitar line I had ever heard. "Last Chance To Lose Your Keys" is my favorite song on the whole album the chorus and the way the whole song is structured is just awesome. These guys have a lot of melody in their songs such as "The No Seatbelt Song" and "Secondary". Your Favorite Weapon closes the whole chapter with "Soco Amaretto Lim". Not only is the instrumentation perfect, but so are the vocals. The vocals sooths the music so perfectly. The lyrics deal with issues such as love, having broken hearts, girlfrieds and touring on the road. This album is definitely making it on my personal top ten records to had ever been played in my stereo and will continue to do so for years to come.

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