Jr. Juggernaut - Ghost Poison (Cover Artwork)

Jr. Juggernaut

Ghost Poison (2008)

Suburban Home

The genre of alt-country has seen a resurgence as of late. Bands like Drag the River, Limbeck, Lucero and many others are picking up where Wilco and Son Volt left off.

One of those bands who have picked up that torch and added their own spark to it is Jr. Juggernaut. To promote their album, Ghost Poison, Surburban Home allowed it to be downloaded free of charge to the first 200 people to visit a specific site.

I am no fan of country music. I could not care less about Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts or Carrie Underwood, as I am sure you will agree. But the sounds of Jr. Juggernaut take a hard turn into rock. Channeling the energy of Hüsker Dü and the style of Dinosaur Jr., Jr. Juggernaut delivers an album with hard-driving beats with pop sensibility. Mike Williamson's lyrics cover such topics as family, relationships and death and the instrumentation masterfully blands grit, pop and sonic boom.

If you plan on having some friends over this summer for some beer (PBR perhaps?) and some good 'ol fashioned BBQ, Ghost Poison by Jr. Juggernaut is the perfect soundtrack to that sun-soaked afternoon.