Yellowcard - One For the Kids (Cover Artwork)


One For the Kids (2001)


Beautiful. That's all I really have to say. Imagine your favorite pop-punk band. Got it? Now, imagine that band with breathtaking harmonies, amazing guitar riffs and a violin. Yes, a violin. Also, imagine that band is also able to play intricate acoustic songs. Sounds pretty damn good doesn't it? IT SOUNDS GREAT! This album is the pinnacle of pop-punk music. All of those other bands out there trying to make it big by riding the Blink wave are getting too damn boring, but Yellowcard gives them a swift kick in the ass and tells them to move aside. Better yet, despite their upbeat, poppy style, only a couple songs on this album are actually about girls, and they blow away almost all other love songs on the market. This means that you get catchy-as-all-hell songs without feeling depressed and rejected afterward. The album features a few acoustic songs, which seem to be a staple in modern-day releases. However, unlike a lot of bands, they are actually well done, rather than just taking a regular song and playing it on an acoustic guitar. Don't be surprised if you hear this young Florida quartet's masterpiece popping up when people begin discussing the best albums of 2001.

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