Hot Water Music/American Steel/F-Minus - live in San Diego (Cover Artwork)
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Hot Water Music / American Steel / F-Minus

live in San Diego (2001)

live show

Well I had a bit of trouble getting in but the problem was resolved. It caused me to miss Trial By Fire, so I apologize for that. Through a glass door from the outside they sounded pretty good though.

Second up: 4 piece band F-minus. This is the second time for me and they are a pleasure to watch. Some bands with chicks suck, but not this one. There's definitely a lot of screaming, but this band pulls it off in the way that is not annoying or out of place. They played "Christy Vanity" and "Vultures" from their recent release "Suburban Blight". This band also just recently released a split with Leftöver Crack. Check it out.

American Steel (on Lookout! Records) played this fine night too. They are touring for their new record " Jagged Thoughts". Maybe I really do live in a cave but I've never really heard of this band until now. They were pretty damn good. They had something that made my toes tap and my head bob along to their music. One of their songs had a semi surf/emo sound to it, and that was quality stuff. Their very last song they dedicated to headliners Hot Water Music, who just happened to be up next.

This was also my second time seeing Hot Water Music. This show seemed a bit smaller than the last [which was the Plea For Peace/Take Action Tour, which you can read a review of here], which surprised me. It was crowded, but not completely sold out. Of course it was a school night, so that probably deterred a few potential concert-goers. Like always, the crowd was really into Hot Water Music and at one point they even got to sing along in the mic that was thrown into the crowd. That was awesome, but the guy who managed to get his hands on the mic was a little off key and loud. I do love it, though, when bands take the time to notice they are playing for people and include them in the act. Their very first song had sections that sounded a lot like Jimmy Eat World's "Bleed American". This surprised me a bit, but I didn't care because it was a good song. Some of the songs played were "A Flight and a Crash", "Swinger", "Paper Thin" and "Turnstile." The band was as tight as ever, and really rocked the crowd long into the night. I couldn't think of many better ways to spend my Wednesday nights than with this band.

Lastly, I'd like to thank the people who made this review possible this time: Scott, Hector, Doreen, "Monkey John", Chris and David.