Meltdown - Demolition (Cover Artwork)


Demolition (2007)


Meltdown is a band from Boston, MA and what I would describe as a hardcore version of Slayer. Maybe mix in Cro-Mags and Biohazard and you got it. On Demolition, they show they have the potential to be recognized with those bands.

They start things off with "Iron Chains," which is an awesome song and it flows into the next two, the third of which, "In Search Of..." being the best song by far. All the songs follow a basic formulaL have a nice intro, a thrashy verse, solo, breakdown. They use the formula to perfection on the first three tracks but in the last two, it's almost too predictable and takes away from them in that aspect.

"Bad Blood" really feels like a brick wall that stops the momentum the earlier songs had built and is overall a forgettable song. By the time the disc closer "True Heroes" comes in it feels a little bit out of place; don't get me wrong, it's definitely a strong song, just not placed well on the CD. And with Demolition being a five-song EP, it left me with mixed feelings of wanting more but at the same time relief they didn't wear out their welcome.

The lyrics are what you'd expect from them. Some about the streets (not really thuggish, though) friendship, staying strong and undertones of straight-edge. They're overall more well-written then a lot of their counterparts, but there are times when you scratch your head and wonder if they really thought that lyric sounded awesome when writing it.

The layout of the CD is really my biggest complaint. Yes, I bought it, mainly because the I really liked the cover art and expected a really cool layout. Sadly, I've seen better layouts in demos; it's a one-page booklet with just lyrics and a couple of pictures from shows. I guess that really is all any band does, but I just felt like they could've done more.

After listening to this very short EP, I'm really excited about more from this band. They play extremely tight and if they work out a couple problems here and there, they can no doubt leap to the front of the hardcore pack.