Shockwave - Omega Supreme: The Complete Co (Cover Artwork)
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Omega Supreme: The Complete Co (2001)

Triple Crown

I've never been much for chugga-chugga hardcore. Or most hardcore in general, for that matter. I just never got into it or even understood it, for that matter. The few hardcore bands I get into, I have reasons: Boy Sets Fire [their amazing lyrics], Fuel [they set the stage for Hot Water Music], Refused [fucking amazing], Jud Jud [if you don't know, then I can't tell you]. But most "real" hardcore slips by me. Shockwave doesn't do much to stop the slippage.

Shockwave is a 6 man collective that seems to be obsessed with Transformers. There's worse things to be obsessed with, I guess. The album itself is actually a compilation of all the band's work to date, from 1996 to 2001. The CD kicks off with a brand new track, "Bruticus," and then has their Autohate LP, Dominicon EP, Warpath 7", and two demo tracks, "Ironside" and "Buzzsaw," in that order. As I listen to the CD and expect to hear the typical regression in sound and talent from release to release, I am surprised that it is not there. This is partly because the majority of the songs sound the same. How can you mess up moshcore, anyways? Throw in a few breakdowns for floorpunching and everything is good. The only real difference in tracks is the recording quality, which is definitely evident in the 2 demo tracks. They are much muddier than the rest.

The band's devotion to Transformers does add some flavor to their otherwise repetitive moshcore sound on this album. Their liner notes and cover art look really fucking cool, to be blunt, decorated with various Transformers related artwork. The majority of the songs contain some sort of soundbite from the Transformers cartoons. While there are no lyrics included, I can give you some of the song titles and you can probably guess what they're about: Warpath, Bombshell, Devestator, Blood Drinkers, Shrapnel. I could list the entire track listing but you get the point. Also of note: the majority of the songs seem to take their names from various Transformers. These guys seem to have an unhealthy obsession, but from looking at their pictures on the inside, there's no way in hell I'm going to tell them that.

To sum the album and the band up, it's not bad for what it is, but it just isn't for me. I'm afraid to say anything more for fear of being hunted down and killed like a sewer rat.