Black Lungs - Black Lungs [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Black Lungs

Black Lungs [7 inch] (2008)

Dine Alone Records

By now everybody with their ear to the pop charts has heard of City and Colour, the side-project from Alexisonfire crooner Dallas Green. Unbeknownst to many, the other guitar player and backup singer from alexisonfire also has a solo project.

Black Lungs is what Wade MacNeil does when he's not doing his other band. This self-titled 7" is a more sober accompaniment to the band's recent full-length Send Flowers, which carries a slightly livelier vibe. The songs on the 7" sound more like the original recording of Send Flowers, with guitar and minimal assistance from other instruments. While this style didn't play as well over the duration of an LP, they work wonderfully here.

On the a-side, one will find "Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die," which might serve well as an after-school special as opposed to a party-starter. Its haunting vocals and "Go home" chorus is matched well with a simple, yet driving drum beat. If MacNeil was hoping to capture the disparity of youth on the street, he succeeded.

"For the Love of Ivy" found on the b-side. The song was originally recorded by The Gun Club on their 1981 debut, Fire of Love. While MacNeil's originals show hints of blues, his affinity for the style comes across more clearly on the cover. The song is a treat and Black Lungs do a good job putting their own stamp on track.

Limited to only 300 copies, this 7" isn't going to last long, so pick it up while the getting is good.