The Methadones / The Copyrights - Split (Cover Artwork)

The Methadones / The Copyrights

Split (2008)


For pop punk fans that live in the Chicago area you would almost think that The Methadones and The Copyrights are conjoined twins in need of surgery. Both bands have played shows together countless times, both share a home on Red Scare records, and both have been putting out consistently solid pop punk albums nonstop over the past few years. So it's inevitable that the Copyrights and the Methadones would decide to do a split album together. This time around both bands decide to skip the middle man and put out the split D.I.Y. on their own label entitled Transparent records. The results of this split should please just about every fan of either band.

The Methadones start things off with six songs. Their sound on this split picks up pretty much where their last full length This Won't Hurt left off, with more of a focus on melodic power pop, including lyrics mainly consisting about anxieties in relationships and far less songs about television. Highlights include "Imperfect World," which starts things off with a bang. "3-2-1" musically reminds me more of their material from Not Economically Viable. My favorite Methadones song from this split would have to be "Under The Skyline" which is about the wonderful city of Chicago. "On The Clock" is another great tune that anyone with a shitty job can relate too. I didn't care but I'm guessing a few people might have some quips about an older band such as the Methadones complaining about their day jobs as though they were still a bunch of teenagers working part-time jobs. "Easter Island" is nothing but brilliant power pop; the acoustic guitar at the beginning of the song is a great touch. Finally "What Do You Believe In?" is another great power pop tune on the subject matter of relationships.

Now if you're worried that the Copyrights wouldn't be able to deliver a great set of songs after putting out three full-length albums within three years, these songs will crush any worries you might have. Hell, their contribution to this split just might be their best material to date. "Keep Me In The Dark" starts things off as an instant highlight. I dare you not to sing along to it, it's impossible. "Trapped On A Reel" and "Flooded Basements, Abandoned Beaches" are also highlights and share a common thread when you connect the lyrics together; being broke, working dead end jobs, but realizing you enjoy the life you have despite not having a dime to your name. "Holidays" is my personal favorite from the Copyrights side; it's definitely a song that you'll want to play during holidays and whenever you just wish there would be one on the calendar. The Copyrights finish off their part of the split with a wonderful punked up cover of the 1996 alternative radio hit "Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money in My Hand" by The Primitive Radio Gods. For whatever reason the song is re-titled to "Locked Outside A Motel Without Shoes, A Wallet, or A Phone."

To conclude, this is a tremendous split album with great contributions from both the Methadones and the Copyrights. The production from Atlas Studios makes both bands sound flawless without making either of them sound over-produced or lifeless. As a fan of both bands this split did not let me down one bit. The only real downside to it is that before you know it you've listened to the entire album. Oh and beware, the album cover might scare young children.