Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground - Diggin' [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground

Diggin' [7 inch] (2008)

Suburban Home

All these new psychedelic-pop bands are way too prolific to keep up. Portugal. The Man's released like three albums (and a few EPs) in three years. Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground just released their proper self-titled debut full-length on Suburban Home this past March and they've seemingly already got the followup all mapped out. To tide us over (though I doubt "tide" is the proper word considering it's only been seven months), SH released the Diggin teaser 7" at the end of August with two tasty new jams.

The title track is a smooth, dreamy number that would fit right in on the aforementioned album. Band leader Kirk Huffman coos to the listener as the song floats by, hints of the band's oft-mentioned prime influence (the Beatles) poking through without coming on too strongly.

Based on the title, the B-side "My Friends Are All Passed Out" oddly sounds like a result of the preceding track (that's a compliment, mind you). But in any event, it's a bit of a stylistic shift for Kay Kay. It punches out verses with bluegrass-esque instruments that come off two parts Tom Waits, one part Modest Mouse, with plenty of unique layers all fighting for attention. There's a few ragtime tinges for sure, and then a Hendrix-style, bluesy, classic guitar solo makes up the bridge.

Granted, Kay Kay's full-length seems like its got plenty of mileage left in it, but Diggin' still bodes quite well for their next proper effort.