Bad Religion - The Process Of Belief (Cover Artwork)

Bad Religion

The Process Of Belief (2002)


Bad Religion's upcoming album "The Process of Belief" is no doubt one of the most anticipated albums of 2002. The following is a review for the tracks I could find off audiogalaxy(yes, I still plan on buying the album when it comes out on 1/22). I could not find a reliable track listing anywhere, so I don't guarantee that all these tracks will appear on the retail album, or that these are all the tracks from it. Here is the track list I gathered from various places:

1 Supersonic
2. Prove It
3. Can't Stop It
4. Broken
5. Destined For Nothing
6. Materialist
7. Kyoto Now
8. Sorrow
9. Epiphany
10. Evangeline
11. The Defense
12. The Lie
13. You Don't Belong
14. Bored and Extremely Dangerous

Supersonic is a good song to start out the album with; fast paced and catchy.
"How does it feel to be outstripped by the pace of cultural change?
My deeds are senseless and rendered meaningless,
when measured in that vein."

Track 2, Prove It, is a bit faster than Supersonic, and a bit better at that.
"I don't ever need to prove myself to you.
There is no such thing as hell, but you can make it if you try.
There might come a day, when emotion can be quantified
but as of now there's no proof necessary
it's only in your mind."

Can't Stop It is the first officially released single off of "Process Of Belief", and Epitaph offers it for download. It is no doubt one of the hardest songs on the album, with driving guitars and a really great chorus. The vocals are processed through some distortion/noise effect, and really fit in with the music. Definitely one of the top songs on this record.

If it wasn't for the accoustic parts, Broken would sound like it was off of an album like "Stranger Than Fiction". Regardless, it is a great song.
"He was a troubled child,
had been down for a while,
always kept to himself.
No she couldn't depend,
he only wanted a friend.
Now he's made something else.
It's so sad, no one saw it coming,
the paper said he hit the ground running."
These lyrics, an obvious call for acceptance, are even better:
"While I'm not the kind to insist,
you couldn't have missed,
we must co-exist.
So please listen to me,
there is no such thing, as human debris."

Destined For Nothing is cool, if for nothing other than it has some nifty "whoas" in the beginning. "Whoas" are fucking rad, especially these ones. And I'm not talking about that Black Rob rap that goes "Finger and lick the asshole like Whoa!". No, that whoa sucks. THIS is the kind of whoa I'm talkin' about.
"Why can't you see, there ain't no destiny for you and me."

Materialist just may be my favorite track off this record. The music is among the best Bad Religion has done, and these lyrics are a sneak peak at how great the rest are:
"Mind of matter,
it really don't matter
if the street's idle chatter
turns your heart strings to tatters
The process of belief is an elixir when you're weak.
I must confess at times, I indulge it on the sneak.
But generally my outlook's not that bleak."

Kyoto Now is yet another great track on this song. Fast paced and great lyrics, which is really the formula for most of this album.
"You might not think it matters now, but what if you're wrong?
You might not think there's any wisdom in a fucked up punk rock song.
But the way it is can not persist alone.
A brutal sun is rising on a sick horizon."

Sorrow is the big track off this album. It was not intended to be a single, it was leaked to KROQ who then put it in their normal rotation. Being the great song that it is, and probably in part due to the circumstances of current events, the song has become quite popular, and rightfully so. It is much different than most Bad Religion songs, especially from the other, harder songs on this album. It is a welcome changeup of pace and style in this album, giving it an extra level of depth.

The next song, Epiphany, continues on with the mid-slow pace of Sorrow. This track is one of the most emotionally sung songs on the album.
"We arive at this place of no return, my sisters
only to discover, that our values ran us aground, on the shoal in the sea, of what we could be.
What's right is wrong, what's come has gone, what's clear and pure is not so sure."

Now, after 2 slower songs, we get back into the fast stuff. Evangeline supplies us with some more catchy fast-tempo punk rock ala Bad Religion. The sing-a-long chorus adds to the slop-bucket of fun that is this song.

The Defense is a great song, and is really quite different than anything else on this album. If not Materialistic, then this song is probably my favorite off track off this album.
"I'd like to watch 1000 cable channels but nothing's on
and my high-speed connection's monitored daily by the Pentagon.
These things are seldom what they seem.
No peace, no friends.
We trace the mortal edge.
To extend the obvious
this world is perilous for us.
No sense, no guide.
Ain't it beautiful to be alive?
Yea Right!"

The next song, The Lie, features powerful riffs that remind me of one of my all-time favorite Bad Religion songs, "I Want To Conquer The World". Needless to say, this song is fucking awesome. God damn. How awesome you ask? Well, you'll just have to get the CD to find out, you fucking bastard.

You Don't Belong is ANOTHER great song off this album. I've come to the conclusion that this record is going to become an instant classic when it comes out, and I'll bet you on that(can I borrow some money to put up on this bet?). This is a song about not belonging, obviously. It is easy to relate to. Once again, awesome lyrics and great fast-tempo music.

The last track is Bored and Extremely Dangerous. Now you have to give props for the title. That is one fucking cool song name. Shit. I just shit. Anyhow, like I said, cool song name. Cool song too. You ask, "Cool as in cold, or as in moderately warm?". I answer, "YOU FUCKING IDIOT! HOW STUPID ARE YOU!?!? I OBVIOUSLY MEAN COOL AS IN PIMPALICIOUS, SPECTACULAR, TESTICULAR, GREAT, FUN, EXCITING, SPANKTASTIC, ETC. I HATE YOU!" Yes. Yes, my friends. This song is cool in that way. Hell, the whole album is fucking wankarific, and that is a good thing. Buy this album the day it comes out or everyone will point and laugh at you, [points and laughs] , like that. You piece of shit, why aren't you pre-ordering it? [pause] What's that? You told me to stop talking to myself? But you are me, why would you tell me to stop talking to myself when you are myself. Don't tell me to stop talking to myself, just stop talking to myself. ASSHOLE. Viva Quebec! THE REVOLUTION WILL COME, QUEBEC WILL BE FREE!

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