Mansions - Mr. Boddy (Cover Artwork)


Mr. Boddy (2008)


Is originality really that important? On a site that mostly listens to bands that sound like Hot Water Music or Jawbreaker, I'd assume that it's not. Mr. Boddy, the four-track free EP by Mansions sounds a hell of a lot like Brand New and Manchester Orchestra, and to be honest it's really hard to care. After all, I like those bands, and neither of them have put out anything substantial this year anyway (Manchester's new EP only has two new songs). Something that sounds familiar, that will tide me over until the next release by either band, is definitely welcomed.

The EP kicks off with "OMG," the intro of which sounds suspiciously like "Soco Amaretto Lime" untill it explodes into wailing, distorted guitar noise and a pounding chorus. The rest of the tracks flow on perfectly, utilizing, among other things, fake drum beats, whirring synths and a hint of piano here and there to give the record a thick and textured feel. The vocals often get swallowed up in crescendoes that build up, and then fade away, over and over, getting a little further each time, and it sounds great.

Christopher Browder sings in a voice that sounds quite a bit like Manchester Orchestra's Andy Hull, The intro to the second track reminds me of "Sleeper 1972," and while the lyrics are not quite as deep or subtle as those of the Orchestra or Brand New, they follow the same sort of themes and really do sound like they come from the heart.

The fact that Browder has done everything on this record himself is also worth mentioning; when you bear that fact in mind, listening to Mr. Boddy gives the image of a guy encased in his own little world with his favourite records, the ones that have inspired him to make music of his own.

In short, Mansions has a lot of potential to do something amazing, and I can't wait to hear what he does next. And seeing how this EP is free, there's pretty much no reason why you shouldn't give it a listen.