On record, Mansions is Christopher Browder. Live, Andrew MacGregor plays guitar and Salvatore Cassato plays Drums. We say we're from Louisville, KY, which is kinda true, but we're sorta from Winston–Salem, NC too. Christopher has a coke problem. Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Cherry Coke Zero: you name it, he drinks it. He also likes Moe's, terrible reality television, LOST, visual representations of dreams, theories about time/the universe, Watchmen, Cheerios, coffee, and recording stuff. Andrew likes phaser pedals, England, stouts, and his beard. Salvatore likes making people laugh, cassette tapes, and god knows what else. That guy is a fucking mystery.

Together, we like whiskey sours, "Nothin' No" by David Vandervelde, having good attitudes, and being on time. People sometimes compare our music to 90's emo, which is fine by me. We like music to be dirty and rough and honest and sincere and not about looking cool and getting famous. We currently have a self–titled EP available for purchase, and our full–length debut comes out next year. We are also going to give away a bunch of free tunes just cause. I make the rules.