Daggers - Daggers (Cover Artwork)
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Daggers (2008)

I for Us

Many of you didn't really care for the EP from Belgium's Daggers we decided to stream in full last December. Bummer. I think it's pretty decent.

I can sort of hear why someone might think Daggers are "run of the mill pseudo crusty hardcore," but this sounds more in line with the driving, frill-free hardcore of the Hope Conspiracy to me, only a little rougher in production (but nothing extraordinarily ragged or messy). It's particularly in "Sharks and Hearts" where this is evident, as Daggers take a mid-tempo approach and drive it into the ground hollering weird lines like "How do you dare to speak when I just turned my world on mute." As English might not be their first language, it can be forgiven.

The "pseudo-crustiness" does howl about a little more on something like "Fucking Empty," the screams coming more desperate and filling the sphere more. But it just doesn't seem entirely indicative of the EP.

Daggers is a decent listen. A familiar one, but a fair one.

Daggers EP