Daggers is a hardcore band from Belgium born in fall 2007 raised from the ashes of Officer Jones AHPCP, Die Out!, ... Still young in age, DAGGERS already built a strong reputation and following all over Belgium with their thundering live shows. DAGGERS are often compared to bands like Cursed, Hope Conspiracy or Tragedy.

After only a few months of existence, the band recorded this six tracks self–titled EP with Ben Phillips (Converge, Jairus, November Coming Fire, Gold Kids, ...) in the City Of Dis Studios in Kent, UK. The EP features Kris Deweerdt on vocals (now in The Setup, one of the biggest european hardcore band). The EP will be released by the belgian label I For Us Records on December 16th, 2008.

After some line–up changes, DAGGERS already recorded a full length CD at LaChapelle Studios, once again with Ben Phillips. The full–length was mastered at Tonteknik in Sweden by Mag– nus Lindberg (Poison The Well, Cult Of Luna, ...) and will be released in 2009. They currently tour the Benelux and their first european tour is planned for december 2008 with their italian friends Gold Kids.