Laura Jane Grace - Anna Is a Stool Pigeon [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Laura Jane Grace

Anna Is a Stool Pigeon [7 inch] (2008)


The companion 7" to Tom Gabel's debut EP, Heart Burns, Anna Is a Stool Pigeon may actually be a bit better than the real thing.

For starters, it's got the title track lifted straight off the EP, which was arguably one of the prime standouts. The harmonica and acoustic-led folk-pop jam is so much fun for addressing something so controversial, potentially corrupt and plain scary (the argument that environmental activist Eric McDavid was a victim of entrapment by an FBI informant simply known as "Anna").

The bonuses aren't incredibly special, but still rather solid. You get a stripped-down acoustic take on "Random Hearts" that sounds natural and fluidly delivered, while "I Can't See You, But I Know You're There" is delivered in a similar fashion, nonetheless with lyrics that weigh a little on the cheesy side ("I got my new favourite [sic] record today. / My favourites change every single day. / Except you, / you'll always be number one.").

Vinyl fiends and Heart Burns fans would do well to scope this one.

Anna Is a Stool Pigeon