Third Eye Blind / Travis Grey - live in New York (Cover Artwork)

Third Eye Blind / Travis Grey

live in New York (2009)

live show

We got to the Roseland Ballroom around 7:00, with the line long to the sold-out show. It stretched past the venue and around the next block onto 53rd Street. Once inside, it wasn't long after the opening act Travis Grey, from Saratoga -- contest winners to open -- took the stage. The lead singer, Travis had a Jeff Buckley feel to his voice. Their set included their five songs, the standout song an apparently new one, as introduced to the crowd; Travis sat down at his keyboard to play it. I could see it someday making its way to the radio. The whole band seem psyched to be playing to such a large crowd. After their set the band came out to help pack up their equipment and even snap a few photos of the crowd.

The time was about 9:00 when Stephan Jenkins and the rest of Third Eye Blind took the stage. They opened up with "Faster" and the crowd was singing along to every word. Incense was burning in front of the stage, which did not help to cover up the overwhelming smell of marijuana. Behind the band was a curtain with little lights covering it, meant to represent stars. The curtains pulled back halfway into the first song to show a screen with a moon on it and other nighttime scenery (seeming to fit in with their upcoming albums, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor), which was shown throughout the set. The strobe lights were overbearing during the first few songs, but quickly died down to a more enjoyable light show. Every flower that made its way to the stage, Stephan picked up, smelled and threw back into the crowd.

They produced an almost flawless set, aside form Stephan jumping the gun and singing the "rap" part to "Never Let You Go" too early. Still, he got back on track quickly. They played quite a few new songs off Ursa Major. Stephan introduced a new song, "When Lightning Comes," by stating to the crowd "you will be singing this later because it goes like this," and then let out a loud "whoo-oooo" and opened up into the song. At the time, we weren't quite sure what was meant by the statement "you will singing this later." It wasn't until the band come back to play their encore and a reprise of "When Lightning Comes" is played. As the crowd was singing the "whoo-oooo," the band walked off the stage. Crowd faves were songs off the self-titled album, which included "Motorcycle Drive By," "Semi-Charmed Life" and "Jumper." During "Semi-Charmed," each band member was introduced, playing solo parts until they all walked off stage before the encore.

Set list:

  1. Faster
  2. Non Dairy Creamer
  3. Crystal Ball
  4. Graduate
  5. Can You Take Me
  6. Never Let You Go
  7. Don't Believe a Word (new*)
  8. Motorcycle Drive By
  9. 1 in 10 (new*)
  10. Believe
  11. I Want You
  12. Blinded
  13. When Lightning Comes (new*)
  14. Jumper
  15. Semi-Charmed Life
  16. Slow Motion
  17. new song
  18. God of Wine
  19. When Lightning Comes (reprise)
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