Snuff - Long Ball To No One (Cover Artwork)


Long Ball To No One (1996)

Fat Wreck Chords

Fat wreck has it's share of 7" records only one thing troubles me...90% of them aren't any good. I have to give credit to Horace Pinker, 88fl, Rancid and, of course Snuff for putting out a 7" that we don't have to use as a frisbee.

I pretty sure most people can find something to like about the great Snuff...Their instrument experimentation? Thier insightful yet humorous lyrics?? for me it's a lot of things...This 3 song rocker is the perfect thing for one who is just getting into this band. The song "Walk" is worth the price alone.

Three great pick up this 7" and if you dont like're just out 4 bucks.