Millencolin - Home from Home (Cover Artwork)


Home from Home (2002)

Burning Heart


Mike's Brain late 2001:

I love millencolin. I'm so pumped they have a new album coming out. Man 2002 is going to rock! Wheeeeeeee!

Oh boy! Punknews post talking about a new millencolin song on their website. Better go download it. Man or Mouse. First listening: What the hell is this shit???? Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. NO, NO, NO, NO!!! Where is my millencolin of old. It seems slow. Next few listens: Eh it's not so bad I guess. I will have to see what the rest of the album sounds like.

A few weeks later: Epitaph says there is a new song on Millencolin's website, better go check it out. Fingers crossed. Holy shit! Now this is what I'm talking about. If the rest of the album is like this then I will be one happy son of a bitch.

Better go download the rest of the album. Press play. Well I know the first two songs so I better skip them. Jeez these other ones seem kind of slower too. Some have a good beat though so I might buy the album anyway.

February 2002, talking to my friend at the University. He tells my that he is hooked on the new Millencolin. I'm like, really? I didn't give it much of a chance. Maybe I gave up on them too soon.

Well I sat down and listened to the album from start to finish. Let me tell you DO NOT give up on this album too soon. Sure it is not quite as fast as the earlier stuff but the melodies and catchy as hell choruses are still there. Even the slowest song 'Battery Check' has a cool chorus that just sticks in my head.

Some other great standouts are the title track, Home from Home sung with Martin Cedergran. Afghan, which is the one song that really got me going on this album and Happiness for Dogs. As well I like the way Millencolin redid Kemp and Black Eye. I feel they added greatly to the songs by changing some of the lyrics and the music.

Usually when someone says a bands sound is progressing I say "That means the next album will sound slow and be very boring."(ie Face to Face IIB, not to start that war again) Well Millencolin has progressed and the lyrics are still as catchy as a virus and the music makes you want to shout 'Fuck ya!!!!!!!'

You may laugh now but I think this album will be on a few top ten lists by the end of the year.