Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution - A Call to Arms (Cover Artwork)

Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution

A Call to Arms (2001)


Every so often, an album comes along that totally blows your mind. For me, it is always an album with very unique qualities to it, something that is fresh, and edgy. "A Call To Arms" fits all of that criteria, and I can say proudly that after hearing this 5 song ep, B.O.T.A.R. is one of my favorite bands. This band is comprised of former members of One Cool Guy and Catch 22, and they mix up many musical styles for an amazing sound that is not comparable to anything out there.

The first thing I noticed about the EP when I received it in the mail is it's unique packaging. It is a handmade case, constructed out of cardboard, and tape. The booklet is well written, and contains explanations of the songs as well as some really cool art. Also, it lists all 12 of the band members, and what they play. The instruments making up this sound include violin, upright bass, fench horn, alto and tenor sax, trombone, cello, congas, and others. And, as the name of the band says, it is all acoustic.

Tomas Kalnoky did an amazing job writing and putting together the 5 songs on this cd. All the parts of the album were recorded at different times throughout 2000 and 2001, and were put together by Tomas. The string section mixes very well with the horns, and gives the sound a much more "full" feeling than a regular "ska-punk" band's sound would. You can order this cd here, and I recommend you do so. This EP is for fans of all genres, and all bands. It is a MUST for any OCG or Catch 22 fan. Viva La Revolution!