Mr. T - Mr. T's Commandments (Cover Artwork)
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Mr. T

Mr. T's Commandments (1984)


Top 5 reasons Mr. T and his hip-hop album Mr. T's Commandments deserves a review on Punknews:
5. Ice T, the Original Gangster/Cop Killer/Cop on Law and Order, ghostwrote all the raps for Mr. T's Commandments.
4. Bad Attitude Baracus: straight-edge by day, face pounder by night. Perhaps the surrogate role model for Elgin James?
3. Like Sid Vicious, Joe Strummer and John Doe, he's known only by his punk name. Err, stage name.
2. He's got a fucking Mohawk for crying out loud.
1. Without Mr. T, there could be no Mr. T Experience. And that, of course, would be a terrible shame.

The review itself:
The album pretty much sucks. There are seven songs of horrible '80s sound effects and cheesy hip-hop verses covering everything from "Don't Talk to Strangers" to "No Dope No Drugs." Sure, there are plenty of amusing moments ("Mr. T, Mr. T (He Was Made For Love)) and inspiring lessons that rival even the most optimistic posi-core ("You Got to Go Through It"), but with song lengths eclipsing the five-minute mark, getting through just one track is more likely a test of patience than it is from any level of enjoyment.

Final summation:
Cool guy, terrible album.