Bad Religion/Less Than Jake/Hot Water Music - live in Anaheim, CA (Cover Artwork)

Bad Religion / Less Than Jake / Hot Water Music

live in Anaheim, CA (2002)

live show

I was really looking forward to this show because it would mark the first time I would see the much-hyped live performance of Hot Water Music, and I would get to see one of my favorite bands, Bad Religion, on the top of their game after a few lack luster albums and performances.

When I walked into the Grove, HWM's banner was already up, and I was really excited to see what made their live performances so special. They came out and ripped through an excellent version of "A Flight and a Crash." They followed it up with two more off of their new album, "Jack of All Trades" and "Paper Thin." The crowd was semi-receptive but I was in awe of the energy, emotion, and sincerity that they put into their live performance. The next song they played was off of their split with Alkaline Trio. They followed that up with "Wayfarer," the song that's going on the upcoming Punk-o-rama 7. The song was great and makes me anxious to see how their new album will turn out. They closed the set with the classic song, "Turnstile" and a song from A Flight and a Crash, "Choked and Seperated." Eventhough I was a bit disappointed that they didn't play more songs from Fuel for the Hate Game or Forever and Counting, I was still blown away. I can't wait to see them headline a show.

Less than Jake is one of the worst bands I've ever seen. Somebody should strangle that stupid bass player with his lame dread locks. For every minute that I had to sit through the giant shit sandwhich they call a set, I contemplated suicide.

Next came everyone's reason for showing up that night, Bad Religion. They came out tearing through "Suffer" and "Stranger than Fiction." They followed that up with a medley of the first three songs from the new album "Supersonic," "Proove It," and "Can't Stop It." They played songs off of virtually every album, except for The New America and No Substance, with more energy and enthusiasm than I've ever seen them play with. They had a short intermission in the middle of the set to prepare for their annual Bad Religion Easter Exstravaganza. They acted out a very funny fight between Jesus and the Easter Bunny that had everybody dying with laughter. Who would've thought that Bad Religion had a sense of humor? After, the fun and games they played classics like "Anasthesia," "Generator," and "Recipe for Hate." They closed their almost thirty song set with "21st Century Digital Boy." Brooks Wackerman has really breathed some life into this aging band. They proved that they can still rock at middle age and they are back on the top of the punk rock scene.