Bad Religion - New America (Cover Artwork)

Bad Religion

New America (2001)


Even though they played on FarmClub, and eventhough they were on Atlantic Records forever (I heard they're back on Epitaph now, WOOOHOO!), I never stopped loving this band.They continue to write amazing songs with lyrics that would make any college English professor jealous.

The New America is no exception. "It's a long way to the promised land","world without melody", "I love my computer" and "Let it Burn" are some of the better songs, but the two best are "1000 Memories" and "A Streetkid Named Desire". I guess I like 1000 Memories because it applys to me down to the last letter, as so many of their songs do, but "streetkid" is one of their best songs. It has some awesome guitar licks and a really good solo, plus the words are awesome, as usuall. The title track, which they made a pretty cool video for, is also pretty good, but it gets a little annoying after a while.

As long as Bad Religion lives, punk rock lives. "The New America" is very good,not a "Suffer" or a "Generator",but still good punk rock just the same. I hope these guys keep playing til they're 60.