Pepper - Kona Town (Cover Artwork)


Kona Town (2002)


Pepper is a band from Hawaii, which to me that gives the image of lying around all day, drinking, smoking, getting laid and going to parties. This album is the perfect soundtrack to that lifestyle.

Musically the band sounds exactly like Sublime, there is no deviation from the reggae, ska, punk mix that Sublime did, laced with lyrics that don't get much deeper than parties and girls. The production on the album is really good but that should be expected from a group that uses 3 separate producers who have worked with Blink 182, Sublime, Snoop Doggy Dog, and Death Row Records.

Some of the better songs on the album include: "Stone Love", "Dry Spell", "B.O.O.T.", and "Tradewinds". The band breaks from their normal sound on "Face Plant" and play more of a Blink 182 sounding song; it reminded me of a cross between "Anthem" and "Stay Together". "Give It Up" also breaks to play in more of a Goldfinger style.

I'm still undecided about my feelings for this album. On one hand I'll be the first to say that they are just a Sublime rip off that's probably going to get huge and thus probably really annoying. They were on the Volcom Stage at Warped Tour 2001 for the entire tour, and they have opened for groups like Shaggy. Yet, I have been enjoying listening to the cd while I was studying, it just has that chill factor to it, where you can leave it on in the background, and not really notice it and be distracted by it, but still have some noise going on. While it's a bit redundant, if you like Sublime, you are going to love this album. If you didn't like Sublime, then you are going to loathe it, that simple.

Dry Spell
Face Plant
Sitting On The Curb