Luckie Strike - The Mercury Project (Cover Artwork)

Luckie Strike

The Mercury Project (2000)


Luckie Strike is one of those bands that are not sure what it wants to play. They seem to be an emo/poppy punk band that can play hardcore if they wanted to, but don't. The sticker on the front of it described it as an emo band with hardcore tendencies. "Well, great" I thought when I saw this, it will probably be like Thursday, or maybe a watered down Thrice. Well no, it is not close to neither of those bands, nor is it as good as those bands.

The album starts off with a great hardcore song, which was my favorite part of the album. After that first initial blast of hardcore madness, come ten more really bad emo/pop punk songs. I really have nothing against emo, I even have some that I really enjoy, but this stuff was just plain bad and annoying. I found myself praying that the song would end and return to the hardcore song that started off the album.

One cool thing about this band is that the singer is a girl (I don't think there are enough female bands out there, but that's another rant for another day), and has a really good voice that is capable of doing a decent melodic emo, and an awesome raging hardcore scream. Fortunately I just read on the fastmusic homepage that this band has broken up, well good I say maybe this singer can go form another band because I would like to hear more of her. Stay away from this cd, maybe try to download "I'm Sick."