MGMT - Congratulations (Cover Artwork)


Congratulations (2010)


When someone brings up MGMT, it might have to do with one of those uber-huge singles they put out years ago. Now, the "Kids" days are over, as MGMT finds a more evolved, psychedelic sound in Congratulations.

What makes this album unique is the fact that there are no clear singles on this album. "Flash Delirium" might be a "halfway single," but radio DJs might be leery to play this because of how fast and uncontrollable it gets; we can be sure there won't be a movie trailer using that tune. Leave it to MGMT to lead you slowly and quickly escalate into something that seems too fast to even be played.

The synthpop sound is a hot choice for music makers nowadays, with MGMT mastering it back in 2007; Congratulations itself isn't just your generic poppy mainstream album (not that Oracular Spectacular was). This new and improved album proves that these hipster wise-guys can form something way more than anything that is going to be coming out any time in the future. It completely breaks from the major label standards, combining numerous genres. From the surf-rock rhythms in "It's Working" to the gentle, humming tune of the 12-minute psych-ballad "Siberian Breaks" which ends with a "synth underwater" beat, it has it all. Thank you alone to "Brian Eno" for literally serving as the best legit punk rock song of 2010. This unique punk jam is obviously an influence of the '70s-'80s era of punk. Ending perfectly, the title track "Congratulations" puts the listeners into a trance that makes you wanting to restart the album and begin the whole nine-track work of art over again.

This album is a wild ride and reading about it won't give anyone the right perspective for the listener unless they listen to it themselves. Those who are skeptical of getting such an "indie hipster record" need to strive away from that biased state of mind. MGMT has in fact masted the art of new age psychedelic rock music that has evolved into an uncontrollable beast.

Welcome to the world of Congratulations.