The Reaganomics - Get Lost, Stay Lost (Cover Artwork)
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The Reaganomics

Get Lost, Stay Lost (2009)

Red Scare

Deep down, secretly, it's every music critic's dream to have a quote from their review used on some shoddy sticker featured on the cover of an album. It's a fine line between journalistic integrity and cashing in. You need to be somewhat critical or your opinion holds no weight, but no one wants a critique of an album on the cover. With that said, I'm cashing in my cred for a chance at glory, as the living sound bite for the Reaganomics' Get Lost, Stay Lost.

Get Lost, Stay Lost is basically the Descendents and Teenage Bottlerocket riding a lawnmower powered by rocket fuel through your local mall (just like in Dead Alive/Braindead). It's not smooth, it's not pretty, it's fast, it's destructive and it kills everything in its path. College students? Dead. Your boss? Dead. Uppity punx? Dead. Trend-jumping hipsters? Dead before they reach the next trend.

It's not all doom and gloom, though. There are songs about cats, dogs, nachos and even you best friend. He's a bear. He tried to eat your legs...but you're cool now. That sounds happy and if you don't think so, it's probably because you're a dick.

Don't like the song? Don't bother skipping it because it'll be over in a second anyway. Like the song? Just let it play through and start over--the whole album is like 20 minutes. Don't like fun? Get fucked. Your best friend is a bear...sleep with one eye open. (Note: Dear Red Scare, put that whole thing on the cover... Please.)