Owen - At Home With (Cover Artwork)


At Home With (2006)


Mike Kinsella has made some wonderful records over the years under various titles, and one of his best musical qualities is the ability to continue making music without it becoming stale and boring. His works with American Football, Joan of Arc, Cap'n Jazz, et al. retain the beautiful style Mike is well renowned for, but, importantly, do not become repetitive with each record. His solo project Owen continues as such, and his 2006 record At Home with Owen did not disappoint in that regard.

Unlike other Owen records of prior years, At Home with Owen was primarily recorded in studio environments, and thus has a more polished sound then earlier releases. It works, though--it works really well, incorporating the odd piano and violin. Mike's songwriting is as decorative and extraordinary as ever before, and includes a rendition of a Lou Reed classic that always brings a smile to my face.

There aren't any particularly catchy moments, nor are there any boring instances either. I very much doubt the record was written with this in mind, giving the album a great deal of replay value. At Home with Owen can only be entirely appreciated with a straight-through listen. In my mind it was always going to be hard doing better then (the ep) and I Do Perceive, but the songs are beautiful. With At Home with Owen, Mike Kinsella had once again produced another solid record.