Leagues Apart - To Anywhere (Cover Artwork)
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Leagues Apart

To Anywhere (2010)


The UK's Leagues Apart's To Anywhere EP is 21 minutes or so of scrappy, Orgcore-ish punk.

While To Anywhere often sounds like a bunch of songs that weren't good enough for the Lawrence Arms' Cocktails & Dreams or the Falcon's Unicornography, it's certainly not bad. The band propel forward at a gravelly and grainy, consistent tempo. And while the recording occasionally feels clumsy and overly gritty, it's abundantly clear the band has plenty of heart and competence. "More Potatoes, Uncle Tusky?" finds it can slow down just a modicum as the scorched, Brendan Kelly-esque vocals yelp out the chorus, which helps amplify the heartache that otherwise seems pretty buried in how the band express themselves.

The slightly slurred yet punctually spit "Kieran Looks Like Rob Brydon" tries to find articulation in a post-drunken haze: "Pour drinks and porous senses, / passed out under the halogen, / contoured in a skin frame. / Say something slow so it can penetrate this brain." It's got one of the EP's more memorable hooks too, while its follower, "Ivan Splits in Half" reminds me of a more off-key take on Smoke or Fire's "Little Bohemia" and a blistering tempo takes the reigns for closer "Hail to the King, Baby," though its vocals get kinda rough.

We've all heard this sound plenty but nothing on this EP truly ever trips up or becomes patently inoffensive within the band's rock-solid context. One certainly couldn't praise the shit out of it and call it the new Apathy and Exhaustion or anything, but Leagues Apart have definitely set themselves a pretty water-tight foundation with To Anywhere.

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