Avenged Sevenfold - Sounding The Seventh Trumpet (Cover Artwork)

Avenged Sevenfold

Sounding The Seventh Trumpet (2002)


Wow, this band is really metal. I'm surprised that Hopeless put this release out, as it doesn't sound like anything else on their roster. Good for them, I guess, diversification is always good. First reactions aside this is a really good band that I have been digging ever since I put the CD in my stereo for the first time.

Recently I have been in the mood for some hardcore, especially as a I drove to pick my girlfriend up and take her to see Dave Matthews, and this CD was the ass kicking I needed to get through that night. I was cruising down I-88 with the windows down and the stereo blasting to this CD, it just rocks so hard. While I was listening to this CD, I kept thinking that they sounded like the hey-day of thrash metal, bands like Slayer, old Metallica (before they became a shitty alternative band), and even some Megadeth. Yet this wasn't all metal that I was listening too. Parts of songs reminded me of American Nightmare brand of hardcore punk, with the rasping vocals over insanely fast music. The singer's voice on this was really interesting at times he could sing in a very melodic and almost pretty voice, which was mainly used as harmonizing effect, or to carry the choruses. Other times he had a growl which sounded like it could have come from the depths of hell, which was one of the best parts of the disc. Throughout each song he would growl right along with the guitars and drums, almost using his voice as another instrument of destruction. Most of the lyrics on this album deal with the darker things in life, death, suicide, insanity, each one a dark poetic tale.

The band does slow down to play a tasteful piano driven song on "Warmness of the Soul" which does start to dwell in the power ballads of the 80's, but manages to keep interesting, and provides a much needed break from the breakneck intensity of the rest of the album. "Streets" is another diversion from the metal hardcore sound but instead of a slower song, they play more of a traditional skate punk style of a song. Complete with lyrics about living life your own way.

Over all this is a really solid release, especially for the band's first full length. Also, according to their press release they have an amazing live show that includes an intense light show, visuals, and distinguishable appearance from the straight from the streets style of the majority of hardcore bands, which sounds interesting to me. I want to see these guys live. You should pick this up if you're a fan of hardcore and thrash/death/black metal.