Lowtalker - People Worry About Everything. [10-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


People Worry About Everything. [10-inch] (2010)


Lowtalker might pull a few members from Comeback Kid and Misery Signals, but the sound they produce is probably not much anything like you'd expect. The band's debut EP, People Worry About Everything. is a well-done pop-punk/post-hardcore mix directly in the Polar Bear Club/How Dare You vein, comprehensible, throaty vocals and all. While it's a style that sounds decidedly post-Sometimes Things Just Disappear, the execution of melody and abundance of energy makes this EP a winner.

While there are even hints of Four Year Strong's grizzly exuberance, it's modulated and thus helps to capture an urgency that comes off as toned and sincere. You can hear this in two-minute opener "Eulogy," but the band know how to flesh things out too. "That's How It Starts" and "Near Disaster" is extended with strong guitar settings without ever going overboard,

The band's got it pretty locked down as far as dynamic, traded-off vocals go, but "Turncoat" might take the cake, showing one of the band's strengths at their best with varying levels of "scratchy" assisting on the verses and chorus. Most of the EP's pretty major key, but closer "Optional Medicine" is imbued with a little more sadness and desperation to mix it up a bit.

For a first release, People Worry About Everything. is an incredibly solid start. You gotta hope the band find time to take it as more than a side project.

That's How It Starts