No Trigger - Be Honest [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)

No Trigger

Be Honest [7-inch] (2010)

Mightier Than Sword

Hailing from Massacusetts (but not Boston), No Trigger jumps back into the music scene with Be Honest, the band's first piece of work in over four years. Clocking in at around five minutes, this two-song 7" might as well have been called a single had it been promoting a specific song for airtime.

What initially made No Trigger so appealing was how far they made it riding on the merits of a couple EPs and a split. Somehow they managed to gain hype before even releasing their first real record. Canyoneer, the record in question, was a noteworthy feat for a debut album, no matter how much hype it received. What came after, however, was a long drought in which many assumed they had broken up or separated. You can imagine the renewed spotlight their next release would receive in hopes it would one-up their previous effort.

The record starts right where Canyoneer left off, with the blasting hardcore intro to "Commonwealth," which fades out into a more melodic, almost poppy outro. This song exemplifies how instrumentally proficient the band is without detracting away from the always intelligent lyrics No Trigger has become praised for.

The second song on the record, "Tooth" comes as a bit of a change in the band's direction. Being one of their more poppier tracks, it showcases Tom Rheault's clean voice as opposed to his usual sandpapered vocals, and because of this, it seems to stand out more than the previous track.

Seeing as this is the band's first release in almost five years, one might have hoped for a bit more than two tracks, but considering a supposed full-length to be released some time this year, it's hard to complain. Be Honest is a well-played comeback for No Trigger, and is a good listen, despite how seemingly short it is.