Brian: The departure of hardcore act Scraps And Heart Attacks's lead singer Travis Reilly finds him now fronting the recently formed This Is Hell. The Long Island collaboration, who also contains practically the cast of The Backup Plan, puts forth a dark, raucous six minutes of introvert-based hardcore on their self-titled demo that sounds like a tighter, more focused version of Scraps while keeping that searing sense and scratchy strut intact.
This Is Hell - Double Grave This Is Hell - Dearest Midge This is Hell's self-titled debut 7" will be released on Run For Cover Records Scott: It really bummed me out to hear that Project 86 had their gear stolen earlier this week. The band's new album, Songs To Burn Your Bridges By [review], came out back in June courtesy of Tooth & Nail, and while running a little bit long, is still an awesome hardcore/rock disc in the vein of Snapcase, Quicksand and Deftones. The album's best track, as well as the album's decidedly radio-friendly track, are both posted on Purevolume. Check them out here:
Project 86 - Spy Hunter
Project 86 - A Shadow On Me
Adam: Toronto's Controller.Controller are the buzz band du jour up here in Canuckistan. The five piece sound a bit like a young Chrissy Hynde fronting Public Image Ltd, so while their sound is most certainly in the ever-so-trendy dancepunk vein Nirmala Basnayake's vocals set it apart. The band is currently supporting their debut 6 song EP History, released earlier this year on Paper Bag Records. Here's a few of those tracks:
Controller.Controller - Watch Controller.Controller - Silent Seven
You can stream the record from New Music Canada