Scott: Time to lose some scene points: The first time I ever heard the Pixies, it wasn't the Pixies--it was Weezer. And Braid, and the Get Up Kids, and the Promise Ring, and Superdrag, and the Siren Six!, and every other band that was on the Where Is My Mind: A Tribute To The Pixies comp that came out on Glue Factory Records way back in the last millenium. I bought the comp for the bands on it, but ended up appreciating the band being honored just as much. I just got home tonight after seeing the Pixies, who were absolutely great; but when they started playing "Velouria," I couldn't help thinking back to Weezer's amazing cover of the song, and I found myself drumming along to this particular version over Frank Black & Co.'s original. Check the cover out, courtesy of
Weezer - Velouria Aubin: While both beloved by eloquent indie snobs, and yet underappreciated by everyone else, this remarkable band really does deserve all the accolades they get. While my first exposure to Pavement was 1995's Wowee Zowee, the subsequent "discovery" of Slanted and Enchanted, and Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain left me amazed by a band that could pack so much into their seemingly simple lo-fi recordings. Here is a selection of tracks from the recent reissues of those two great records:
Pavement - All My Friends Pavement - Here (Peel Session Summer 1992) Pavement - Greenlander