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The Independents were involved in a serious bus accident this past Friday in the UK, forcing the band to cancel the rest of their tour. Aside from minor cuts and bruises for most of the band, guitar player Willy B suffered a broken arm, and driver Ian was seriously injured. The band is reporting that a bus swerved to avoid another vehicle and hit a patch of black ice, causing it to flip several times. Only by the luck of having a pair of army medics close-by the driver survived.

Well, it looks like there is some rest for the wicked.

Friday night about 8 pm UK time on our way to open up for the old singer for the specials new band When a car pulled out in front or a truck in front of us. Our Driver Ian swerved to miss certain death and hit a patch of Black Ice going between 70 - 80 mph flipping the bus several times. How we are all alive no one from the paramedics to the coppers to ourselves have any idea.Willy B has suffered a broken arm and a shattered ball joint bone (not the med name for sure) and was held in hospital for three nights while they decided on surgery or not. will was lucky not to have to have the operation. Our driver Ian was not as lucky. He suffered a shattered collar bone. Broken hands and fingers with all the tendons and flesh ripped off pretty good from hands, shoulders and back. He also suffered massive head injuries. We were lucky there was two army medics infront of us and on the scene with lightning speed our Ian would not have stood a chance. To put it as soft as I can. Half the skin on his head was ripped off leaving his skull in clear site. Willy will be out of commission for 7-10 weeks and Ian is expected to make a full recovery. We just visited both and both are in good spirits. I can't tell you how happy we are that these guys are ok. The rest of us suffered some cuts and bruise and Billy Bones has had his jacket ripped to shreds but thank god for a drum he was resting his pretty little red head on or he would not be here as well. (He was sitting right behind Ian.) As you can tell we are all still pretty shaken up from all this. The Tour for the Independents is off for now but the Dangerfields are back out kicking ass. I'd like to think everyone who worked so hard on making this tour happen from the promoters to the agents to the friends and family and fans who made it out and the all the ones who still have their tickets. We will work all this out as soon as possible and be back over here to show you why we are the real rock n roll crazies of the world. Willy B wants all to know the fourth Horsemen is going to make everything allllllllllll right! whooooo!!!