Contributed by lushj, Posted by Blackout! In Memoriam

Ernie Cortez, bassist for the local hardcore band Powerhouse, has died of cancer. Ernie also sang for the band Doomsday Device and ran the Sacred Heart tattoo shop in downtown Oakland.

Contributor Jesse Luscious adds, "If it wasn't for Powerhouse in some part, the local hardcore kids wouldn't have much of a scene to speak of. Those dudes played brutal NYHC style when it wasn't particularly cool to do so, and helped out a lot of people. They also played a big role in the opening of the short-lived East Oakland venue the Bombshelter.

So crack open a beer or fire one up for the big guy, slap on your copy of the first Powerhouse CD and pay tribute to a dude that did his best to make sure hardcore bands would get their due."

Check the following message board here for messages from his friends and fans, and his bandmate and singer of Powerhouse, Chris.