Brian: So there's this sticker on the front of the debut full-length from Bellingham, WA's Shook Ones. This little label on the jewel case of Sixteen reads "fans of KID DYNAMITE, JAWBREAKER, LIFETIME, and GORILLA BISCUITS…take note!" "Holy [expletive]!" you're probably saying. "Those are classics! This can't be anywhere near as good as them! And if so…no no no, I'm sure I've heard this before elsewhere. Either Pastepunk is distributing this or already covered it last week." To that I answer "yeah, probably." But because the melodic hardcore outfit's shit is so undeniably tight, here's some MP3s regardless; a full review shall come when I'm not feeling so lazy as to sedatively nod in agreement with press releases and need to make up excuses as to why I'm saving comparisons for later. Both are taken from Sixteen, out now on Endwell Records.

Shook Ones - Please Read Shook Ones - Bellingham Lads Club