by In Memoriam

Former Vandals lead singer Steven "Stevo" Jensen passed away at his home on the island of Maui last weekend due to causes as yet unknown.

Jensen sang for the Vandals from 1980 through 1984, appearing on the band's first two full-lengths, Peace Through Vandalism and When In Rome Do As The Vandals before being replaced by current vocalist Dave Quackenbush.

Guitarist Jan Nils Ackermann had the following to say:

First as his friend and then as his bandmate, I noticed that whoever met Stevo was touched by his unique sense of humor and talent for entertaining. Trust me…there was nothing he wouldn't do for a laugh. I was constantly surprised and entertained by Stevo, even at our own shows. Stevo was a great friend and an outstanding entertainer. Anybody who came to our shows knew that. The Vandals of the Stevo years (1980-84) stood for nothing more than having a good time and poking a little fun at such a serious and confusing world. Stevo's Vandals had no dogma, no agenda, no anger, and no greed… Stevo was an inspiration to me and was always our friend…always. On behalf of myself and Vandals bassist Steve "Human"Pfauter, we extend our sincere condolences to Stevo's parents and family.Long Live Stevo…Anarchy Burgers for everyone!

Services will be held in both Maui and Los Angeles, CA. You can click here for details.

Our deepest condolences go out to Stevo's family, friends, and fans.