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Harvey Danger, whose new album Little by Little… recently hit stores via the band's own Phonographic Records label, has posted a link to download the album in full as a Bittorrent file.

You can click the following links to download the torrent: MP3 format / OGG format.

A direct link to download MP3s of the album will be posted on the download section of the band's website this coming Tuesday, September 27th.

Bittorrent is the highly controversial peer to peer file distribution system used by downloading fragments of the file in a random order, to which the fragments are reassembled upon completion of the download. You can click here for more information.

The popular file sharing protocol is used for everything from the legal distribution of freely available products like Linux to music and movie copyright infringement and has been said to account for a third of online traffic. Seemingly paradoxically, BitTorrent's architecture means that the more popular the file is the faster it is downloaded.