by Island

Thrice has posted the first video from their upcoming sophomore release for Island titled Vheissu. The album is the follow up to The Artist in the Ambulance as well as their recent DVD+CD release If We Could Only See Us Now. A number of readers wrote in about the recent appearance of a full album stream on the band's myspace page.

The band has engaged in an intensive internet campaign for the album, most recently posting a one minute "trailer" for the album. They also recently posted the fourth of their ongoing Podcast series which includes clips from tracks 10-11 and discussion from the band. Previous marketing efforts have included a digitally locked media file, registration required song samples and the aforementioned podcasts.

The video was directed by Jay Martin (Burning Brides, Eagles of Death Metal) and the treatment for the clip was written by Thrice vocalist Dustin Kensrue, and based it on the City of Lost Children You can check out the video here: "Image of the Invisible."

The full album stream is available from their myspace page.

According to sources close to the the band, while the video was based on the fictional french film, it brought to the band's attention the plight of the children of Uganda, many of whom are kidnapped from their parents and forced to serve in the rebel armies currently in conflict with the government of the country. Consequently, the band will also be working with Invisible Children, a group which aims to end the barbaric practice.

The album is due out October 18th and the band has enlisted Underoath, The Bled and Veda for the support tour that will visit the US and Canada.