Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by One Day Savior Music

One Day Savior has posted the final, posthumous EP from Kid Brother Collective. The group split up just prior to the originally schedule release and at the time, the band and label announced that it would be shelved indefinitely.

The label explained the change of heart:

Originally slated to be released in late 2002, Kid Brother disbanded shortly after recording and thus the record was doomed to live out its days next to countless papers and demo submission CDs. We certainly believed that the ep was in fact the turning point for the band and it we were deeply saddened when the tapes were delivered with a letter that said "here's the record, by the way we are breaking up". All feelings aside, we knew a record this good couldn't just sit there forever so we had our good friend Jesse Burton of Paulson design some quick cover art for the site and up the tracks went.

To download the album, visit this link and click "Buy this album."