Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Blackball

Adam Pfahler of Blackball Records and Jawbreaker has announced plans to produce a documentary on the influential and beloved band. Pfahler is in talks with Keith Schieron, director of We Jam Econo: The Minutemen Documentary to produce the film. According to Adam, he has been organizing footage and plans to vet the material through vocalist Blake Schwarzenbach as well.

Though the final angle of the film has not been decided, he is decidedly against the idea of something " self congratulatory or [a] cautionary tale on the pitfalls of the music industry, " Pfahler is currently soliciting any footage for the project and can be contacted via Blackball.

The label has previously released two albums from the band, 2002's Etc. and 2004's reissue of the band's sole major label release, Dear You.

Vocalist Blake Schwarzenbach has kept a low profile since the split of Jets To Brazil soon after their 2002 release, Perfecting Loneliness. He has since been seen teaching undergraduate English at Hunter College in New York City. He also contributed a piece to the punkvoter project.