On the heels of a recent delay of their debut for the label, Vaux has announced that they have parted ways with Atlantic Records. The band and label did not provide any reason for the split.

The band signed to the label in January 2004 after releasing their their debut, There Must Be Some Way To Stop Them on Volcom. That album was followed by the Plague Music EP, released on Equal Vision.

They had this to say:

Currently we are in the midst of the "separation process" with the label and are awaiting the outcome. This includes regaining ownership of our album "Beyond Virtue, Beyond Vice" that was scheduled for a November 8th release date. With all that has recently happened there is no "official" release date for the album, but we feel very confident that we will get the album back and be able to put it into the hands of our fans very soon. Despite all that has happened, the band is tighter than ever and feels very positive about the situation.

The band is currently on tour with The Letters Organize.